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Lawyers file new motion demanding release of Chelsea Manning
wsws.org | 2020-02-20
Lawyers for Manning, the courageous whistleblower who has been in prison for eleven months for refusing to testify before a secret grand jury in the case of Julian Assange, have filed a new motion in federal court demanding her release.

WATCH harrowing footage of 2007 Baghdad killings projected onto UK parliament wall in protest against Assange's extradition
rt.com | 2020-02-20
Campaigners have projected the footage of an American airstrike on Iraqi civilians, originally exposed by WikiLeaks, onto the parliament building in London, to protest against the proposed extradition to the US of Julian Assange. | Clips from the infamous 2007 footage were projected onto Westminster Palace, where both houses of parliament are located. The same video was projected on the wall of the Belmarsh maximum security prison in London, where the WikiLeaks co-founder is awaiting his US extradition trial. The images on the buildings' walls included photos of the activist along with slogans like 'Don't extr…

'Journalism is not a crime': Australian MP says charges against Assange must be dropped after visiting him in UK prison
rt.com | 2020-02-20
Continued persecution of the WikiLeaks co-founder is a "crazy situation," Australian lawmaker George Christiansen told RT, adding that Julian Assange did not commit any crime aside from running afoul of US elites. | Christiansen, a member of the Liberal National Party of Queensland, questioned the integrity of the legal process against Assange, who is now facing the possibility of extradition to the US over "unlawfully obtaining and disclosing classified documents related to the national defense." | The journalist was hauled out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London after his asylum was revoked in April 2019, an…

San Jose's 40th Annual Day of Remembrance: Recalling Life Under Executive Order 9066
Americans of Japanese Ancestry Relate Incarceration | indybay.org | 2020-02-20
Executive Order 9066 led to the World War II-era incarceration of more than 120,000 people of Japanese descent, two-thirds of whom were American citizens. Survivors shared recollections and re-enactors performed morale boosting era swing dance styles in Japantown on February 16th.

Inmate Murdered In Belmarsh Jail, Where WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Is Being Held
sputniknews.com | 2020-02-20
Belmarsh prison is a large, modern prison in south-east London which handles most of the remand prisoners who on trial or awaiting trial in the capital. Among those being held there is Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, who is fighting extradition to the United States.

Barrister says 'democracy at stake' in Assange trial
pip.hinman | greenleft.org.au | 2020-02-20
civil liberties Pip HinmanIssue 1254 Australia WhistleblowersFebruary 20, 2020February 24 is the first day of Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange's extradition hearing at Belmarsh Prison in London. The United States government will argue for his extradition to the US.

Reza Berati's struggle remembered
pip.hinman | greenleft.org.au | 2020-02-20
refugee rights Alex SalmonIssue 1254 Australia Nauru and Christmas Island detention centresFebruary 20, 2020The Refugee Rights Action Network WA (RRAN) organised a commemoration on February 17, the 6th anniversary of the death of Kurdish-…

Venezuela files ICC lawsuit over US sanctions
Susan Price | greenleft.org.au | 2020-02-20
international solidarity Paul DobsonIssue 1254 Venezuela ICC International Court of Justice US blockadeFebruary 20, 202…

Extradition of Assange Would Set a Dangerous Precedent
Prof. Marjorie Cohn | globalresearch.ca | 2020-02-19
The Trump administration is seeking extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States for trial on charges carrying 175 years in prison. On February 24, a court in the U.K. will hold a hearing to determine whether to …

Australian MPs visit Julian Assange at Belmarsh Prison
wsws.org | 2020-02-19
Andrew Wilkie and George Christensen said they agreed with UN official Nils Melzer's assessment that Assange is the victim of psychological torture.

A year in jail & quarter million fine since, lawyers seek freedom for Chelsea Manning refusing to testify against WikiLeaks
rt.com | 2020-02-19
Chelsea Manning's attorney has filed a new motion requesting her release from jail, where she has been for nearly a year for continuously refusing to testify before a grand jury against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. | Manning's incarceration has "exceeded its lawful scope" by moving from being a coercive tactic to a criminal punishment, her lawyer Moira Meltzer-Cohen said in a motion requesting her release filed on Friday. | Manning was jailed in March of 2019 for refusing to testify before a gran…

Compliance 101: Gun-Toting Cops Endanger Students and Turn the Schools into Prisons
John W. Whitehead | globalresearch.ca | 2020-02-19
"Every day in communities across the United States, children and adolescents spend the majority of their waking hours in schools that have increasingly come to resemble places of detention more than places of learning."–Investigative journalist Annette Fuentes | Just when you …

Lawsuit Launched Over Trump's Massive Rollback of Pollution Protections for Rivers, Wetlands

| globalresearch.ca | 2020-02-19
Conservation groups filed a formal notice of intent to sue the Trump administration today for eliminating longstanding protections for the nation's waters, including approximately half of all wetlands and potentially millions of miles of streams. The Trump rule allows polluters …

Mexico's Chamber of Deputies Increases Penalty for Femicides
telesurenglish.net | 2020-02-19
The Chamber of Deputies of Mexico approved Tuesday to increase the maximum penalties of years in prison for femicide after the murder of a 7-year-old girl, whose body was found in a plastic bag in the capital. | RELATED: | Mexico: Family Says Gov't Failed To Protect Murdered Girl | The reformed law was approved with 415 votes in favor and one against. With this measure, the minimum penalty for those who commit feminicide in Mexico went from 40 to 45 years. | Likewise, the deputies a…

PCHR: Child Killed and Young Man Wounded By Palestinian Security Service in Qabatia
PCHR | imemc.org | 2020-02-19
On Wednesday, a Palestinian minor is reported to have succumbed to gun-shot wounds he sustained, on Tuesday, when a Palestinian security force was dispatched to a gathering for a freed prisoner. The celebrating crowd allegedly threw stones at the security force, and some armed men in the group shot rounds …

PPS: "Israeli Soldiers Abduct Seven Palestinians In West Bank"
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2020-02-19
Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday at dawn, at least seven Palestinians, including the father of a young man who was killed by army fire in October 2018, from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported. The PPS said several army …

Which Side Are You On?
Chris Floyd | counterpunch.org | 2020-02-19
My best friend from high school was in and out of the prison system the last two decades of his life. He was a drug addict. This was before the opioid epidemic; his poison was crack cocaine. His father had been a raging, violent alcoholic and his mother was a broken woman with chronic illnesses. My friend spent most of his adult life trying to take care of her.

Perversion of justice: Trump pardons more violators of the public trust
Mark Gruenberg | peoplesworld.org | 2020-02-19
WASHINGTON–When it comes to perversions of justice, Donald Trump has done it again. On Feb. 18 he used the presidential pardon power, which is unlimited, to pardon four more sleazy jailbirds, some of whom have already served their sentences. Trump's pardons occurred one day after more than 1,000 former Justice Department prosecutors and top officials, …

Uphold rainbow rights and kill the religious privilege bill
pip.hinman | greenleft.org.au | 2020-02-19
LGBTI rights Paul GregoireIssue 1254 Australia homophobia Anti-Discrimination lawsFebruary 19, 2020Mardi Gras season is upon us, a good time to reflect on the government that is about to table…

No to religious discrimination
pip.hinman | greenleft.org.au | 2020-02-19
LGBTI rights Chris JenkinsIssue 1254 Australia anti-discrimination law LGBTI communityFebruary 19, 2020As people were fleeing their burning homes and volunteer firefighters were crowdfundi…

Selected Articles: The Truth About Assange
Global Research News | globalresearch.ca | 2020-02-19
Extradition of Assange Would Set a Dangerous Precedent | By Prof. Marjorie Cohn, February 19, 2020 | The Trump administration is seeking extradition of WikiLeaks founderJulian Assange to the United States for trial on charges carrying 175 years in prison. …

Chelsea Manning's Lawyers Demand Her Release, Decry 'Punitive' Incarceration
Andrea Germanos, staff writer | commondreams.org | 2020-02-19
"No matter how much you punish me, I will remain confident in my decision," said the whistleblower. | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/lawyers-maiing-motion-release-punitive.jpg

ICE's Destruction of Records Must Be Stopped
Kate Oh | aclu.org | 2020-02-18
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is | notorious for committing rampant unconstitutional and inhumane abuses in its | detention system

Our Vision to Transform What it Means to Be a Prosecutor
aclu.org | 2020-02-18
It's a long-established fact that the United States is the largest incarcerator in the world. Over two million people are behind bars, roughly a quarter of whom are simply awaiting trial. Millions more are under some form of state supervision, such as parole or probation. | Many players have a hand in our mass incarceration crisis, but there's one actor with almost unlimited power to determine who ends up locked up and who goes free

Alleged ethnic discrimination left Gypsies and Travellers out in Storm Dennis
Fréa Lockley | thecanary.co | 2020-02-18
Reports have emerged suggesting that a group of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) young people were denied entry to a nightclub on 15 February. It also alleges further discrimination from the local police force. This comes amid wider attacks against GRT communities from Boris Johnson's government. | Ethnic discrimination: | A Facebook post from Progress in Dialogue showed pictures of young people allegedly denied entry to Fever Nightclub in Nuneaton after "every…

Amazon offers free shipping for illegal Israeli settlements, but not Palestinian Territories
Morning Star | peoplesworld.org | 2020-02-18
Amazon has been accused of discrimination by offering free shipment to illegal settlers in the occupied West Bank, but not for Palestinians living there. The practice was discovered by the Financial Times as it entered illegal settlement addresses into the global online retailer's delivery portal. Amazon's website offered free shipping for orders, saying: "If your …

Including Children, Soldiers Abduct Twelve Palestinians In West Bank
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2020-02-18
Israeli soldiers abducted, on Tuesday at dawn, twelve Palestinians, including children, after the army stormed and ransacked many homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) has reported. The PPS said the soldiers invaded and searched homes in Beit Doqqo and Qotna towns, in …

Journalist: Harvey Weinstein's Defense Team Is Waging a War Against the #MeToo Movement
Staff | democracynow.org | 2020-02-18
A jury of seven men and five women meet today in New York Supreme Court to begin deliberations on whether to find disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein guilty of sexual assault. The case has drawn international attention amid the #MeToo movement. If the jurors find Weinstein guilty, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 100 women but in this case faces five charges based on evidence relating to two main accusers. One woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, alleges she was raped by Weinstein in a New York hotel, for which he has been charged wit…

There is a Coordinated Attack Against Trans Youth in State Legislatures
Rose Saxe | aclu.org | 2020-02-18
Less than a | month and a half into 2020, this state legislative session has seen unprecedented attacks on LGBTQ people, and an alarming focus | on bills that would harm trans youth. | Also | alarming: These bills, and the terminology used in them, use similar language and clearly come from a common | playbook. | Right now, | bills are pending in 10 states that | would criminalize l…

Protest Julian Assange's extradition
pip.hinman | greenleft.org.au | 2020-02-18
civil liberties Kerry SmithIssue 1254 Australia whistleblowerFebruary 18, 2020Australian citizen Julian Assange's extradition hearing is set to start at Belmarsh Prison, London, on February 24. | The United States government wants to extradite the journalist and whis…

MN: County Attorney Mike Freeman's house picketed after cops who killed Brian Quiñones escape charges
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2020-02-15
Minneapolis, MN – In response to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman's decision to not press charges against the Richfield and Edina police officers who killed Brian Quiñones, the groups Justice for Brian Quiñones, Twin Cities Coalition for Justice for Jamar (TCC4J), the Racial Justice Network and others gathered for a spirited picket of Mike Freeman's residence the evening of February 11. | About 50 people chanted, sang and played clips of Brian's music for about an hour. The most popular chant was "Indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail. The whole damn system is guilty as hell!" Family and friends o…

Major anti-war groups join the Coalition to March on the DNC
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2020-02-14
Milwaukee, WI – As the July 13 start of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) draws closer, the Coalition to March on the DNC has risen to the occasion. Since the start of the new year, the coalition has seen tremendous gains. | Between leading a 2000-person demonstration against Donald Trump when he visited Milwaukee on January 14 and butting heads with the city while trying to host a press conference to announce a lawsuit for our right to protest, traffic to the Facebook page has increased dramatically, including numerous inquiries about how people can get more involved. | Perhaps the most significant indica…

Detroit Overtaxed Residents by $600M, Causing Foreclosure Crisis. Residents Are Now Fighting Back
Staff | democracynow.org | 2020-02-14
In Detroit, a showdown between progressive lawmakers and the city is taking on racist housing policies that robbed African Americans in Detroit of their homes and widened the racial wealth gap. On Thursday, the Coalition for Property Tax Justice announced a class-action lawsuit against the city of Detroit, Wayne County and the state of Michigan in response to unfair property tax foreclosures. One in four Detroit properties have been subject to property tax foreclosure, a level comparable only to tax foreclosure rates during the Great Depression. According to legal experts, many of the foreclosures were caused by…

Weekend Read: Department of Justice may force Mississippi to fix deadly prison system
splcenter.org | 2020-02-14

The Corporate Media Is Directly Profiting from Mike Bloomberg's Rise as He Spends Fortune on TV Ads
Staff | democracynow.org | 2020-02-14
Billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is rising in the polls in the wake of the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. Democracy Now! co-host Juan González speaks with us about Bloomberg's approach to campaign spending, the administration's policies during his three terms as mayor of New York City and the scores of lawsuits filed against Bloomberg and his company. "It's amazing to me that Michael Bloomberg is getting as much attention as he is," González says.

Bill Barr Wants Sheriffs to Join His Attacks on State and Local Governments
Brian Tashman | aclu.org | 2020-02-13
Attorney General Bill Barr, speaking at the National Sheriffs' Association conference in Washington, D.C., encouraged sheriffs to join the Trump administration as it launches a "significant escalation" in the federal government's efforts to retaliate against cities and states with policies designed to protect immigrant communities. | For | Barr's Department of Justice, that escalation includes new lawsuits against | states and municipalities with immigrant-protective policies.

Did Amy Klobuchar Send an Innocent Teenager to Life in Prison? Questions Mount over Her Record as DA
Staff | democracynow.org | 2020-02-13
After a surprising third-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is attempting to gain ground in the national polls. But Klobuchar is also facing mounting scrutiny over her record as a district attorney in Minnesota. The Minneapolis NAACP, Black Lives Matter Twin Cities and other racial justice groups recently called on Klobuchar to suspend her presidential campaign following a shocking investigation by the Associated Press. The AP report centered on the case of Myon Burrell, an African-American teenager who was sentenced to life in prison over the 2002 murder of 11-year-old Tye…

Time's Up for Harvey Weinstein? Closing Arguments Begin in Rape Trial in NYC
Staff | democracynow.org | 2020-02-13
Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Thursday in the trial of disgraced Hollywood mogul and accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. The jury is expected to begin deliberating on Tuesday. Weinstein faces five felonies based on accusations by two women and, if convicted, could face up to life in prison. The trial comes more than two years after initial accusations against the film producer were published in The New Yorker and The New York Times, fueling the #MeToo movement that swept Hollywood and beyond. Since then, over 100 women have accused Weinstein of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. During t…

"Traumatizing from the Get-Go": Weinstein Trial Exposes Flawed Approach to Sexual Assault Cases
Staff | democracynow.org | 2020-02-13
We continue our conversation about the trial of alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, ahead of the scheduled start of opening arguments today. Weinstein is facing five felony charges, based on accusations brought forth by two women in the case, and, if convicted, could face up to life in prison. Last week, one of his accusers, Jessica Mann, broke down and went into an apparent panic attack during questioning from Weinstein's lawyers, forcing the judge to adjourn proceedings for the day. Mann was made to read past emails to a boyfriend, in which she disclosed she had been sexually assaulted before meeting Wein…

Congress Should Outlaw State Attacks on Abortion Access
Yashica Robinson, MD | aclu.org | 2020-02-12
Before I finished | high school, I learned I was pregnant. As a result of fear and a lack of | resources, by the time I confided in my mother and grandmother, I had no choice |

Deadline Looming, Strongest Surveillance Reform Bill Yet Emerges
Neema Singh Guliani | aclu.org | 2020-02-12
Congress has just five weeks to decide the fate of key foreign | intelligence surveillance powers

The Trump Administration Wants Health Insurance Companies to Drop Abortion Coverage from Your Insurance Plan
Meagan Burrows | aclu.org | 2020-02-11
From denying | access to abortion | for unaccompanied immigrant minors, to gutting | the Title X | family planning program, to trying to roll | back the Affordable Care Act's requirement that employers and universities cover | contr…

Desperate asylum seekers 'starving for justice' in immigrant prison hunger strikes across Louisiana
splcenter.org | 2020-02-11
Guards shackled Sai Mahad to a chair, placed a mask over his mouth and snaked a long tube through one of his nostrils.

How Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Broke Through in Iowa
Ronald Newman | aclu.org | 2020-02-10
Our next president | must be committed to protecting and advancing the civil liberties and civil | rights guaranteed to all of us in the Constitution, and the current goal for | our Rights for All campaign is to educate voters on where the candidates stand on these | key issues. We now have most of the results from the Iowa caucuses last week, | and one thing stood out to us: Voters overwhelmingly supported candidates who | made specific commitments to Rights for All policies. | When we launched | the Rights for All effort last year, we were determined to elevate ke…

Hey Clearview, Your Misleading PR Campaign Doesn't Make Your Face Surveillance Product Any Less Dystopian
Jacob Snow | aclu.org | 2020-02-10
In the last few weeks, a company called Clearview has been in the news for marketing a reckless and invasive facial recognition tool to law enforcement. The company claims the tool can identify people in billions of photos nearly instantaneously. And Exhibit A in support of their claim to law enforcement that their app is accurate? An " accuracy test" that Clearview boasts was modeled on the…

Biden Threatens Lawsuit to Halt Release of Real Iowa Caucus Results
Tyler Durden | theantimedia.com | 2020-02-04
American democracy–ain't it grand?>…

Biden Threatens Lawsuit to Halt Release of Real Iowa Caucus Results

SPLC and the SPLC Action Fund Hire Internationally Renowned Human and Civil Rights Leader as New President and CEO
splcenter.org | 2020-02-02
Margaret Huang brings 25 years of experience advocating against discrimination and oppression around the world.

Alive and Well: Voter Suppression and Election Mismanagement in Alabama
splcenter.org | 2020-01-24