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Assange Ruling Is A Blow Against A Free Press — A Closer Look
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-01-10
Judge Vanessa Baraitser's decision to prevent Julian Assange's extradition to the United States to face trial on espionage-related criminal charges is a partial victory for Assange, his family, and his supporters. Baraitser was not satisfied that US prison authorities would be able to prevent the award-winning journalist from taking his life, given the conditions of solitary confinement and isolation that he would likely face during pre-trial detention and in the event of his conviction. | However, in her ruling, the judge made clear that Assange would have been extradited, if it weren't for his "substantial risk…

KPFA LSB Members From Rescue Pacifica Protest The Lawsuit Against Pacifica
Rescue Pacifica | indybay.org | 2021-01-10
KPFA Local Station Board members who are supporters of Rescue Pacifica protest a lawsuit to put Pacifica into a receivership with a judge in charge of the radio foundation.

New Google Union Will Help Build Labor Struggle Against Technological Oppression
Staff | truthout.org | 2021-01-10
Last Monday, workers at Google and other companies under the umbrella company Alphabet formed a "minority union," affiliated with the Communications Workers of America (CWA). This Alphabet Workers Union (AWU) claims it aims to include workers of all job descriptions at Alphabet, including temps and contractors, who are normally excluded from union activities recognized by the National Labor Relations Board. These workers have explicitly said why they are unionizing: thousands of workers a…

During Civil Rights Era, Native American Communities In The South Armed Themselves Against The KKK
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-01-09
I first heard this story when I was probably eight or nine years old–old enough to know what the Ku Klux Klan was and why it was so dangerous, but young enough to believe the story had clear heroes and villains. My family and I are members of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, the largest Indian tribe east of the Mississippi, headquartered in the southeastern part of the state. I was born there, in Robeson County, but my parents raised me in Durham, where they taught at North Carolina Central University, one of the state's 12 historically-Black colleges and universities. Between my African-American elders…

[Perspectives] Building power
Michelle Morse, Delan Devakumar | thelancet.com | 2021-01-09
It was a raw response to yet another social injustice. A response to the not guilty verdict in the trial of the murderer of Trayvon Martin. A response that many people had, but Alicia Garza's response became a global movement. As she describes in her book The Purpose of Power, this was a moment decades in the making. Garza's courageous reflections document her personal transformation alongside the growth of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in the USA. As public health physicians of colour from the USA and UK humbly engaging in the work of social change to advance global health equity, for us Garza's words ar…

Hunger Strikes At Three New Jersey Prisons
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-01-09
The filthy conditions, indefinite incarceration and escalating COVID infections have touched off desperate hunger strikes at three New Jersey county jails. Each jail operates as a prison-for-profit, renting space at $120 a day for ICE to jail out-of-state migrant detainees. | The N.J. counties use the contracts to generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue annually. Immigrant detention has become a moneymaking "cash cow" raising more than $87 million in revenue. | There are four immigration detention facilities in New Jersey — Bergen, Essex, and Hudson County jails, and the Elizabeth Detention Center,…

Pa. prisoner on COVID crisis — Guards were the transmitters
| workers.org | 2021-01-09
Since Workers World received this letter, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has confirmed nearly 7,000 cases of COVID-19 among prisoners and over 2,500 among staff, who are not subject to mandatory testing. Many prisoners who report COVID-19 symptoms have been placed in restricted housing units, reviled as "the hole." Prisoners . . . | Continue reading Pa. prisoner on COVID crisis — Guards were the transmitters at Workers.org

The Pentagon, corporations and slave labor in U.S. prisons
Sara Flounders | workers.org | 2021-01-09
This article was originally published in Workers World June 11, 2011. It is not only federal prisons that contract out prison labor to top corporations. State prisons that used forced prison labor in plantations, laundries and highway chain gangs increasingly seek to sell prison labor to corporations trolling the globe . . . | Continue reading The Pentagon, corporations and slave labor in U.S. prisons at Workers.org

KPFA LSB Members From Rescue Pacifica Protest The Lawsuit Against Pacifica
Rescue Pacifica | indybay.org | 2021-01-09
KPFA Local Station Board members who are supporters of Rescue Pacifica protest a lawsuit to put Pacifica into a receivership with a judge in charge of the radio foundation.

Detainees protest inhuman conditions on Australia's Christmas Island
wsws.org | 2021-01-09
After being denied the right to peacefully demonstrate, detainees set fire to mattresses and buildings in the immigration prison.

Eleven Alabama prisoners begin hunger strike!
Devin Cole | workers.org | 2021-01-09
Occupied Muscogee Creek land — Montgomery, Ala. Ronnie Miller, after assault by guard. With the announcement of the Alabama prison strike/30 Day Economic Blackout, 11 incarcerated workers in the segregation unit of Kilby Correctional Facility in Montgomery, Ala., have begun a hunger strike. (See "Alabama prisons: On Strike!" Workers World, . . . | Continue reading Eleven Alabama prisoners begin hunger strike! at Workers.org

100+ Civil Rights, Racial Justice, Labor, and Grassroots Groups Demand Trump Be Immediately Removed from Office, Co-Conspirators Held Accountable
commondreams.org | 2021-01-08

White Rioters Are Treated Differently than BLM Protesters
Iliana Hagenah | progressive.org | 2021-01-08
On January 6, MAGA insurrectionists overtook the Capitol. Meanwhile, states are criminalizing nonviolent Black Lives Matter protests.

Hunger strikes at three New Jersey prisons
Sara Flounders | workers.org | 2021-01-08
The filthy conditions, indefinite incarceration and escalating COVID infections have touched off desperate hunger strikes at three New Jersey county jails. Each jail operates as a prison-for-profit, renting space at $120 a day for ICE to jail out-of-state migrant detainees. The N.J. counties use the contracts to generate tens of . . . | Continue reading Hunger strikes at three New Jersey prisons at Workers.org

Requiring Men but not Women to Register for the Draft is Sex Discrimination
Ria Tabacco Mar | aclu.org | 2021-01-08
The requirement that only men — but not women — register for the draft is one of the last examples of overt sex discrimination written into our federal law. Today, we joined two young men and the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to put an end to it., , Under the 1948 Military Selective Service Act, men in this country are required to mark their 18th birthdays by registering for the Selective Service System, the list of people who could be called up for military service if the government au…

For Muslims, Even Prayers Aren't Private
aclu.org | 2021-01-08
We generate droves of personal data every time we use the apps on our phones, make a call, or make an online purchase. While we might hope that our data is kept private, hidden away from people or entities that may want to surveil our usage or capitalize on these private choices, it often isn't., , In November, news reports revealed that the federal government had purchased location data mined from apps used by Muslims. One of those apps is Muslim Pro, a GPS-reliant app that signals prayer times to its users, which has been downloaded by millions. It's not yet clear exactly how the data is being used, bu…

Battleground Baltimore, Jan. 8
Staff | therealnews.com | 2021-01-08
Local leaders react to the insurrection that happened just 45 minutes away in Washington. D.C.; why a move to end home detention fees might not go far enough; and a "spy plane" that has been flying in Baltimore (ostensibly to solve crime) is headed for St. Louis.

PDF of January 7 issue
Workers World Party | workers.org | 2021-01-07
Download the 12-page PDF. Alabama prisons: ON STRIKE! 'Relief' bill offers little; Outrage at year's end; Workers as 'contractors'; Massive hack; Historic postal strike; Editorial: COVID unpreparedness. GLOBAL: Cuban and Haitian revolutions; Brexit crisis; Long live DPRK; Argentina: abortion rights victory. TEAR DOWN THE WALLS: Exonerate Mumia! Letter from Pennsylvania . . . | Continue reading PDF of January 7 issue at Workers.org

British Judge Keeps Assange in Prison, Despite Ruling Against Extradition
Kevin Gosztola | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-07
A British district judge denied bail for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after a hearing in which the prosecution argued he had helped NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden "flee justice" and would abscond if released from the Belmarsh high-security prison. | "As far | …

Proxy Jailor: Denying Assange Bail
Dr. Binoy Kampmark | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-07
History, while not always a telling guide, can be useful. But in moments of flushed confidence, it is not consulted and Cleo is forgotten. A crisp new dawn can negate a glance to the past. Having received the unexpected news …

Chile To Condemn Murderers of Indigenous Mapuche Catrillanca
telesurenglish.net | 2021-01-07
A Court in Angol city on Thursday is set to hand over its verdict on the murder of the Indigenous Mapuche community member Camilo Catrillanca, aged 24, who was killed by Special Police Operations Group officers (GOPE) in 2018. | RELATED: | Chile: Court Rules Out a Claim Against Feminist Group Las Tesis | The Prosecutor's Office asked for a 19-year in prison sentence for former GOPER sergeant Carlos Alarcon who was accused of both Catrillanca's assassination and the attempted m…

Brutal Human Rights Abuses — Torture, Sanctions and Our Failure to Discuss Economic Rights
Rod Driver | zcomm.org | 2021-01-07
People in advanced nations assume that their governments do not torture prisoners, but it is practized by the US, and was used by Britain in its colonies and in Northern Ireland…

Pamela Winn Fights the Shackling of Pregnant People
Pamela Winn | aclu.org | 2021-01-07
Pamela Winn was sent to federal prison when she was six weeks pregnant. In prison, she fell down attempting to step into a van while shackled. She was not given prenatal care and she miscarried a little over three months later, shackled to a prison bed., , Winn, who was released from prison in 2013, is now an activist for the rights of incarcerated women. She helped enact a law to prevent the shackling of pregnant people in Georgia and is leading a mission to end prison birth altogether , But her story is not unique. There are currently thousands of pregnant people in prison. Many are not given proper medical…

Clearview's Dangerous Misreading of the First Amendment Could Spell the End of Privacy Laws
Vera Eidelman | aclu.org | 2021-01-07
Secretly, and without consent, a company called Clearview AI has captured billions of faceprints from people's online photos, amassing what it claims to be the world's largest face recognition database. Much like our fingerprints and DNA profiles, our faceprints rely on permanent, unique facts about our bodies — like the distance between our eyes and noses or the shape of our cheekbones — to identify us., , Using our faceprints, Clearview offers its customers the ability to secretly target and identify any of us, and then to track us — whether we're going to a protest, a religious service, a…

Hirak activists on hunger strike against pre-trial detention hospitalized in Algeria
Peoples Dispatch | peoplesdispatch.org | 2021-01-07
The three Hirak activists – Mohamed Tadjadit (25), Noureddine Khimoud (25) and Abdelhak Ben Rahmani (38) – began a hunger strike on December 27 last year after they were denied bail and their pre-trial detention was extended by the authorities…

"Too late to be pessimist! Ecosocialism or collapse"
Eds. | mronline.org | 2021-01-07
From the analysis of the struggle between the great powers for a lesser dependence on fossil fuels (which can shape their rivalries or push towards convergence between them), to the reminder of the need for every subject of oppression to develop its own ecological reflection. Daniel Tanuro gives us illuminating and pedagogical tools to confront …