2022-07-26: News Headlines

WSWS (2022-07-26). American Federation of Teachers convention: In service of American capitalism's COVID-19 coverup, strike suppression, and war plans. wsws.org The American Federation of Teachers biennial convention towed the Democratic Party line in regard to covering up the pandemic, supporting war against Russia, and suppressing the working class through the trade union apparatus.

_____ (2022-07-25). Venezuelan Lawyer Laila Tajeldine: Alex Saab, A Political Prisoner Of US Empire. popularresistance.org More than two years have already passed since, on June 12, 2020, Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab was illegally kidnapped during a technical stopover in Cape Verde and taken to prison, without an arrest warrant. He would remain there until October 16, 2021, when he would be deported to the United States, despite the fact that the appeal against his extradition had not yet been concluded, and despite repeated protests from various international organizations against the arbitrary detention and torture that he has suffered. | Blackmailed by the US government, the government of Cape Verde, already at the end of its leg…

____ (2022-07-25). Xenophobia in Mandiba's Land: Too Black… Or Just Too Poor? transcend.org 18 Jul 2022 – South Africa, the home land of the late giant fighter against Apartheid, racism and discrimination — Nelson Mandela "Mandiba", is already 'on the precipice of explosive xenophobic violence' against migrants, refugees, asylum seekers — and even citizens perceived as outsiders.

Fight Back (2022-07-25). Red Theory: Against Sakai on settler colonialism and the national question in the U.S. fightbacknews.org As we have seen in our previous article, capitalism's origins are largely based upon "primitive accumulation" – the theft of land and resources during the colonial period. This theft helped to jumpstart the original accumulation of capital. In the U.S. this began with settler colonialism, whereby colonizers from Europe settled in the Americas, bringing with them terrible violence and oppression of indigenous and other oppressed peoples. | The

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