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2022-08-09: News Headlines

____ (2022-08-08). U.S. white men sentenced to life in prison for killing Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery. ecns.cn Two white men were sentenced to life in prison on Monday for the 2020 murder of Black man Ahmaud Arbery.

____ (2022-08-09). U.S. suppresses civilizations, tramples on human dignity: report. ecns.cn A report on U.S. violations of human rights released Tuesday pointed out that the United States had been creating a "clash of civilizations," abusing imprisonment and torture, and violating freedom of religion and human dignity.

_____ (2022-08-08). Colombia: Petro Is Now President; A Call For The Release Of Prisoners. popularresistance.org "It is said that no one really knows a nation until he has been in one of its prisons." Nelson Mandela's sentence opens a petition addressed to Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez, president and vice-president of Colombia, who officially takes office today. It is signed by the National Penitentiary Movement, accompanied by hundreds of organizations and personalities. | The document offers a summary of the structural problems afflicting a country like Colombia, where the spaces for political viability of the opposition were closed with the assassination of Liberal leader Eliécer Gaitán, on April 9, 1948, and where v…

_____ (2022-08-07). Gaza Death Toll Climbs To 43 Amid Ceasefire Reports. popularresistance.org An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire is expected to go into effect at 11: 30pm local time (20: 30 GMT). Palestinian Islamic Jihad announced the ceasefire in a statement, adding that they have a right to "respond to any Zionist aggression." | Mondoweiss correspondent in Gaza Tareq Hajjaj reported that Israeli airstrikes were ongoing in the last hour leading up to the ceasefire. | The Times of Israel reported that Israel agreed to the ceasefire, and that Egypt was working to ensure two of PIJ's principal demands, including the release of Palestinian hunger-striking prisoner Khalil Awawdeh and recently detained PIJ leader B…

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