2023-05-16: News Headlines

WSWS (2023-05-15). Witness to a social crime: The reality of US immigrant child detention. wsws.org American imperialism justifies its military provocations against Russia by claiming to defend "democracy" and "freedom" abroad. This WSWS article provides a detailed review of conditions at one immigrant child detention facility.

Mansa Musa (2023-05-15). Khader Adnan's martyrdom and Israel's abuse of Palestinian prisoners. therealnews.com The death of Khader Adnan in Israeli detention during a hunger strike on May 2 of this year sparked mourning worldwide and a general strike in occupied Palestine. The 45-year-old Adnan was on his 87th day of hunger strike while serving a sentence for his 12th arrest by the Israeli state at the time of his death. A baker by trade and a father to nine children, Adnan was the first Palestinian to die of hunger strike in an Israeli prison since 1992. As a spokesperson for Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Adnan first captured the world's attention when he launched a hunger strike from behind bars in 2011, sparking a g…

Zane McNeill (2023-05-15). Florida's Latest Anti-LGBTQ Law Legalizes Medical Discrimination. truthout.org Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill into law on Thursday that LGBTQ advocates have warned will allow health care providers to deny critical medical care to LGBTQ people. The law — coined the "Let Them Die Act" by opponents — allows health care providers and payers in the state to deny service on the basis of "a conscience-based objection," including ethical, moral or religious beliefs. |

Chris Hedges, Scheer Post. (2023-05-16). Chris Hedges: Sammy Goes To School. popularresistance.org Newark, NJ – We know the story. The absent father who leaves when his son is five-years-old and moves back to Puerto Rico. The single mother, rarely at home because she works long hours to keep her three children fed and pay the rent. The poverty. The crime. The instability. Later, the stepfather who drinks, uses drugs and beats his stepchildren. The child acting up. Dropping out of school. Joining a gang. The robberies. The one that went wrong and left a man dead. Prison. | The students I teach in prison have variations of the same story. They are funneled into the maw of the prison-industrial-complex, the large…

_____ (2023-05-15). A Certain Form of Thieving: The US Banksters Strike Again. transcend.org 10 May 2023 – It looks like 2008 all over again. Economic and financial mismanagement feature in scorching, consuming brilliance. The culpable, bungling banksters, have returned with their customary, venal incompetence. In the customary script, they habitually seek the role of the public purse to socialise their losses. Along the way, they will avoid richly deserved prison sentences, lie low, and return to repeat their sins.

David Skripac (2023-05-15). Moving Toward a Global Empire: Humanity Sentenced to a Unipolar Prison and a Digital Gulag. globalresearch.ca

CAGE (2023-05-15). First Time Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Details His Abuse in Damning Report. globalresearch.ca

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