2024-04-13: News Headlines

Dana Floberg, Morgan Duckett, Scheer Post. (2024-04-13). The Slow Death Of A Prison Profiteer. popularresistance.org Last week, the nation's largest prison and jail telecom corporation, Securus, effectively defaulted on more than a billion dollars of debt. After decades of preying on incarcerated people and their loved ones with exploitative call rates and other predatory practices that have driven millions of families into debt, Securus is being crushed under the weight of its own. In March, the company's creditors gave the corporation an eight-month extension to pay up, urging its sale to a new owner to stave off an otherwise imminent bankruptcy.

midwesternmarx (2024-04-13). Why We Must Inherit the Third American Revolution By: Jeremiah Kim. midwesternmarx.com On what basis do we call the Civil Rights Movement a revolution? And will there be one to follow?The year is 2024. America is today engulfed in its greatest political crisis perhaps since the Civil War. The blatant hypocrisy and contempt shown by our elites, decades of deindustrialization, neglect, and downward economic mobility, cities and towns overrun by deaths of despair, and America's most recent proxy wars in Gaza and Ukraine have, in unprecedented fashion, driven Americans aw …

WSWS (2024-04-13). Cornel West selects Black Lives Matter promoter Melina Abdullah as running mate. wsws.org The selection of Melina Abdullah as running mate signals a decision by West to emphasize racial divisions rather than class conflict.

ptcnews.tv (2024-04-13). Four Indians get 122 years in jail for brutal murder of 23-year-old delivery driver in UK. ptcnews.tv PTC Web Desk: In the UK, four Indian-origin men have been sentenced to a total of 122 years in prison for the murder of Aurman Singh, a 23-year-old delivery driver of Indian origin. The brutal attack, | Four Indians get 122 years in jail for brutal murder of 23-year-old delivery driver in UK…

Thomas Ungar, Stephanie Knaak (2024-04-13). Correspondence] Structural stigma in mental illness. thelancet.com The Lancet Commission on Ending Stigma and Discrimination in Mental Health1 emphasises the need to address structural stigma in our health-care systems and frames it as a concern for health-care equity: "health and care services should be provided […] regardless of health condition […] equitably to people with physical health conditions and mental health conditions".

teleSUR, YSM (2024-04-13). Niegan recurso de habeas corpus a exvicepresidente Jorge Glas. telesurtv.net Ante la sentencia, Glas permanecerá detenido en la cárcel de máxima seguridad, conocida como La Roca, al norte de la sureña ciudad ecuatoriana de Guayaquil.

newarab (2024-04-13). 20 years on, Abu Ghraib detainees get their day in US court. newarab.com Twenty years ago this month, photos of abused prisoners and smiling US soldiers guarding them at Iraq's Now, three survivors of Abu Ghraib will finally get their day in US court against the military contractor they hold responsible for their mistreatment. | The trial is scheduled to begin Monday in

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