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2024-04-11: News Headlines

Sameena Rahman (2024-04-11). Walid Daqqa, the longest-held Palestinian political prisoner, was killed by Israeli occupation. liberationnews.org Walid Daqqa, the longest-held Palestinian political prisoner and a revolutionary leader, passed away on April 7 at the age of 62, serving 38 years in Israeli prison.

geo.tv (2024-04-11). Muslims in US observe Eid-ul-Fitr with religious fervour, zeal. geo.tv People offer special prayers seeking Pakistan's prosperity, freedom of Palestinians from Israeli oppression…

Amy Goodman (2024-04-11). Doctors and Organizers Fight to Preserve Abortion Access as AZ Upholds 1864 Ban. truthout.org In Arizona, Republican lawmakers have blocked efforts by Democrats to repeal an 1864 law — first written before women had the right to vote and recently revived by the state's Supreme Court — that bans nearly all abortions under threat of criminal penalties including jail time. To respond, we host a trio of reproductive justice advocates in Arizona. Dr. DeShawn Taylor, an OB-GYN physician… |

Arun Kundnani (2024-04-11). The "War on Terror" Is the Ghost Haunting This Year's Election. truthout.org No one ever announced that the "war on terror" was over. But the rushed withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan in 2021 was the closest the U.S. came to an official end point. There was no release of prisoners of war; instead "enemy combatants" continued to be caged at the military prison in Guantánamo Bay. Nor was the geographical spread of the U.S.'s counterterrorism operations much reduced… |

WSWS (2024-04-11). Arizona Supreme Court revives primitive 1864 law to criminalize abortion. wsws.org The highest state court ruled that a criminal law dating from 1864 can be used to imprison doctors who perform abortions.

WSWS (2024-04-11). Missouri death row inmate executed despite widespread calls to spare his life. wsws.org Brian Dorsey's impending execution provoked widespread calls for clemency, including from members of his family, 72 prison employees, five jurors from his trial, three Republican state representatives, and the judge who originally upheld Dorsey's death sentence on appeal.

WSWS (2024-04-11). Delhi Chief Minister jailed on politically manipulated charges as India's election campaign kicks into high gear. wsws.org The Modi government is notorious for its use of manipulated and trumped-up charges against political opponents. But with the approach of the 2024 election, it has become even more brazen in using all means at its disposal to attack its bourgeois rivals, suppress social opposition, and stoke communal reaction.

| Name (2024-04-11). Lesotho courts dismiss lawsuits seeking closure of 2 newspapers, defamation cases ongoing. facebook.com

ecns.cn (2024-04-11). China urges U.S. to correct wrongful actions against Chinese companies. ecns.cn China has urged the United States to immediately correct its wrongful actions and stop the unreasonable suppression of its companies after the U.S. recently added six Chinese companies to its export control "entity list".

newarab (2024-04-11). Released Bahraini political prisoners chant for Palestine. newarab.com Around 600 political prisoners in The released prisoners left the jail "with their heads held high and chanting for Palestine", Bahraini human rights defender and activist Maryam Al-Khawaja said, while videos showed them clapping, chanting and celebrating. | Some waved Palestinian flags, while others praised the Prophet Muhammad. | The release comes…

presstv.ir (2024-04-11). Hackers break into Israeli ministry of military affairs, offer to sell data. presstv.ir Hackers break into the Israeli regime's ministry of military affairs, offering to sell stolen data unless the regime releases hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

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