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2024-06-03: News Headlines

Fayha Shalash (2024-06-03). Israel accused of releasing Palestinian detainee with amputated legs to evade treatment. middleeasteye.net Israel accused of releasing Palestinian detainee with amputated legs to evade treatment | Wafaa Jarrar has been severely wounded in an explosion during her arrest in Jenin last month | | Wafaa Nayef Zuhdy Jarrar, 49, has sustained serious wounds following her arrest by Israeli forces last…

Raphaël Lopoukhine (2024-06-03). French court sentences three officials close to Bashar al-Assad to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity. fidh.org The Paris Criminal Court has found three high-ranking Syrian officials guilty of complicity in crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against two French-Syrians, Patrick and Mazzen Dabbagh.
Paris, 24 May 2024 – Ali Mamlouk, Jamil Hassan and Abdel Salam Mahmoud have been sentenced to life imprisonment for complicity in imprisonment, torture, enforced disappearance and murder constituting crimes against humanity — as well as for confiscation of property, qualified as war crimes. (…) | – |

albawaba (2024-06-03). Madonna faces lawsuit over allegations of exposing fans to pornography at concert. albawaba.com ALBAWABA – An alleged victim of Madonna's "pornography without warning" and "being forced to watch topless women on stage simulating sex acts" during her Celebration Globe tour has filed a lawsuit against the singer.Justen Lipeles, a concertgoer at the pop star's March 7 performance at L.A.'s Kia Forum, filed a complaint on Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, which Entertainment Weekly reviewed, accusing the singer and her Celebration tour organizers of negligent misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false advertising, and breach of written contract.The four tickets that Lip…

WSWS (2024-06-03). Republicans back Trump as convicted ex-president threatens "breaking point" if imprisoned. wsws.org Following Trump's conviction on Thursday, virtually every major Republican politician has attacked the trial as a sham while defending the ex-president.

| Name (2024-06-03). Russia extends detention of journalist Alsu Kurmasheva for 2 months. cpj.org

Reuters (2024-06-03). Donald Trump warns of 'breaking point' for Americans if he's jailed. scmp.com Donald Trump said he would accept home confinement or jail time after his historic conviction on criminal charges by a New York jury last week but that it would be tough for the public to accept.

theonion (2024-06-03). SATIRE: Man With Suspended License Joins Court Zoom Call While Driving. theonion.com A man in Michigan who was charged with driving with a suspended license joined a Zoom call for his court hearing about those charges while apparently behind the wheel of a car, prompting the judge to revoke his bond and order that he turn himself in at the county jail. What do you think?

Hugo GABBERO (2024-06-03). Tajikistan: Two-year anniversary of the arrest of human rights defender Manuchehr Kholiqnazarov. fidh.org For two years, Manuchehr Kholiqnazarov, lawyer and human rights defender in Tajikistan, has been arbitrarily detained and serving a 16-year prison sentence in reprisal for his human rights work. Six human rights organisations, including OMCT and FIDH in the framework of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, call for his immediate release.
29 May 2024- Yesterday marks the sad anniversary of the arrest of lawyer and human rights defender Manuchehr Kholiqnazarov in (…) | – |

W. T. Whitney Jr. (2024-06-03). U.S. imperialism arranges Black-majority occupation force for Haiti intervention. peoplesworld.org Under U.S. arrangements, a so-called Multinational Security Support (MSS) force will soon be descending on Haiti. Its mission is suppressing gang violence. With their experience of earlier U.S. interventions, however, beleaguered Haitians can likely expect an aggravation of oppression, social disaster, and dependency. Supplies will arrive from the United States, and a U.S. military base …

Anita Hofschneider (2024-06-03). How an Aboriginal woman fought a coal company and won. grist.org In 2019, Australia was on the cusp of approving a new coal mine on traditional Wirdi land in Queensland that would have extracted approximately 40 million tons of coal each year for 35 years. The Waratah coal mine would have destroyed a nature refuge and emitted 1.58 billion tons of carbon dioxide. | But that didn't happen, thanks to the advocacy of Murrawah Maroochy Johnson, a 29-year-old Wirdi woman of the Birri Gubba Nation, who led a lawsuit against the coal company in 2021, and won. | The case was groundbreaking in many ways, but perhaps most strikingly, Johnson's work helped set a new legal precedent tha…

Hannah Davenport (2024-06-03). Priti Patel slammed over 'law and order' campaign video next to photo of Boris Johnson. leftfootforward.org Priti Patel has been ridiculed after posting a general election campaign video on social media in which she talks of law and order, whilst standing next to a framed photo of Boris Johnson who was fined for breaking lockdown rules. | The former Home Secretary was attempting to appeal to voters in the constituency of Witham in a video posted on her X account, in which she declared she is a "passionate believer of law and order". | In the video Patel said: "I have also been responsible for changing our laws to ensure that those who do the most terrible things, the most heinous crimes, serve longer prison sentenc…

newarab (2024-06-03). Indian opposition leader returns to jail after vote ends. newarab.com A top opponent of Indian Prime Minister His expected return to prison comes as Modi looks set to win a third straight

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