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2021-03-24: News Headlines

_____ (2021-03-24). Migrant Worker Women Submit First Petition Against The US Under USMCA. popularresistance.org Maritza Perez and Adareli Ponce have filed the first-ever petition against the U.S. under the USMCA in a pivotal moment for the fight to end gender discrimination against migrant worker women on temporary labor migration programs. The petition was signed by a binational coalition of allies led by CDM. | Migrant worker women are denied jobs, channeled into lower-paying roles and exposed to gender-based violence at their workplace. They've fought for justice, demanding the U.S. government put in place enforcement measures that ensure equity and dignity for migrant worker women.

Peoples Dispatch (2021-03-24). Palestinian prisoner Maher Abu Rayan launches hunger strike against Israeli medical neglect. peoplesdispatch.org 43-year-old Maher Abu Rayan is serving a 25-year prison term and is suffering from multiple health issues as a direct result of the extremely violent fashion in which he was arrested in 2003…

Mumia Abu-Jamal recorded by Prison Radio (2021-03-24). Mumia Abu-Jamal's Thank You Message to Supporters. indybay.org Mumia Abu-Jamal's COVID symptoms have improved but the severe debilitating skin condition persists. Mumia is now back in general population and he does not currently require hospitalization. However, Mumia needs continued monitoring, and he must not be shackled during future hospitalization.