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2021-03-27: News Headlines

Anand Naidoo (2021-03-27). The Heat: South Africa's high court to rule in Jacob Zuma case. america.cgtn.com South Africa's highest court will decide whether former President Jacob Zuma can be jailed for contempt.

Greg Palast (2021-03-27). Voting Gangnam Style: The Rise of Kim Crow. zcomm.org When a government acts to prevent voters from registering, that's a federal crime. A go-to-jail crime. But in Georgia, and too many other states, it's the victims who face arrest and prison…

Free RunningWolf (2021-03-27). OPD team framing Indigenous Elder RunningWolf for "hate crime" includes racist killer cop. indybay.org After five months, Indigenous Elder Zachary RunningWolf is still being held as a political prisoner due to OPD interference in Berkeley's 2020 Mayoral Election. Systemic racism and corruption in the prisons & courts have undermined RunningWolf's rights to a fair trial, while corporate media circulates lies and covers up Anti-Indigenous Genocide.