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2021-11-22: News Headlines

Malik Miah (2021-11-22). United States: Rittenhouse verdict gives vigilantes green light to kill. greenleft.org.au Twelve jurors found teenage vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty for the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and for wounding Gaige Grosskreutz at a Black Lives Matter protest last year, reports Malik Miah.

Staff (2021-11-22). Headlines for November 22, 2021. democracynow.org Wisconsin Jury Acquits Kyle Rittenhouse For Killing 2 People, Injuring a Third | , Serial Rapist Who Pleaded Guilty To Sexually Assaulting 4 Teenagers Avoids Any Jail Time, White Missouri Police Detective Found Guilty in Fatal Shooting of Black Man, SUV Plows Through Christmas Parade in Waukesha, WI, Killing 5 People, Wounding At Least 40 | , Europe Sees Massive Protests Against COVID Restrictions As Cases Surge, U.S. Regulators Approve COVID Boosters For All Adults as Officials Warn of Possible Winter Surge | , Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok Reinstated As Teenager Killed in Ongoing Anti-Coup Protests | ,…

Staff (2021-11-22). "In Our DNA": Jacob Blake's Father & Uncle on the Family's Long History of Racial Justice Activism. democracynow.org Jacob Blake Sr., whose son was shot by Kenosha police in 2020 and left partially paralyzed, says the family is part of a larger movement fighting for victims of police violence and racial injustice. "We were always pro-Black activists and then after this happened to my son, we've become activists for everyone who's been affected," he says. The Blake family has a long history of activism going back to the civil rights movement and beyond. Justin Blake, Jacob Blake's uncle, says it's in the family's DNA. "We cannot sit down, we must make change."

Kit Klarenberg (2021-11-22). New Files Expose Australian Govt's Betrayal of Julian Assange and Detail his Prison Torment. orinocotribune.com By Kit Klarenberg — Nov 17, 2021 | Documents provided exclusively to The Grayzone detail Canberra's abandonment of Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, and provide shocking details of his prison suffering | Was the government of Australia aware of the US Central Intelligence Agency plot to assassinate Julian Assange, an Australian citizen and journalist arrested and now imprisoned under unrelentingly bleak, harsh conditions in the UK? | Why have the country's elected leaders refused to publicly advocate for one of its citizens, who has been held on dubious charges and subjected to torture by a foreign powe…

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