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2021-12-05: News Headlines

Mnar Adley (2021-12-05). Camila Saab Speaks Out: Wife of Venezuelan Diplomat "Kidnapped" by US Gov't Talks to MintPress. orinocotribune.com While Washington cannot choose the president of Venezuela, it can make life impossible for officials, such as Alex Saab, who attempt to defy its sanctions regime. | On Wednesday, November 24, MintPress News Editor in Chief Mnar Adley sat down to speak with Camila Saab, the wife of imprisoned Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab. | Saab was on a diplomatic mission to Iran in June 2020, where he was tasked with securing deals for food, medicine and personal protective equipment. His plane stopped off in Cabo Verde — a group of islands off the west coast of Africa — for a routine refueling. | He would never fin…

Joselyn Saavedra (2021-12-04). The Power of Kindness against Homelessness Bias. indybay.org Public education about homelessness is a key to avoiding stigma and discrimination and alleviating pressure against them.

Author Blank (2021-12-04). Build support for women's right to have an abortion! themilitant.com As the Militant goes to press, the Supreme Court was hearing arguments over a Mississippi law that poses a direct challenge to a woman's legal right to choose whether to have an abortion. | Organizing to win a strong majority of working people to support women's right to choose is crucial both for women's fight for emancipation from second-class citizenship and for the struggles of the entire working class against oppression and exploitation. | A woman's decision about whether and when to bear a child, must be hers alone. Controlling her own body is crucial if women are to plan and control their own lives. It is…

Staff (2021-12-04). #FreePalestinianStudents campaign growing at the University of Mirail in Toulouse. samidoun.net On Thursday, 2 December, the Collectif Palestine Vaincra, a member organization of the Samidoun Network in Toulouse, France, organized an information booth at the University of Mirail in Toulouse as part of the international campaign in support of Palestinian students imprisoned by the Israeli occupation. This campaign brings together more than 350 organizations around the […] | The article

WSWS (2021-12-04). Indian courts continue to sanction open-ended imprisonment without trial. wsws.org The 15 surviving victims of the Indian state's Elgar Parishad terrorism frame-up case are being subjected to cruel and life-threatening punishment. They have been imprisoned for years without trial.

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