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2022-05-04: News Headlines

Minnie Bruce Pratt (2022-05-04). May Day 2022: The power is in our hands. workers.org May Day 2022 marked a year when worker organizing crested in historic resurgence in the U.S. Mass outrage against racism, embodied in earlier enormous Black Lives Matter protests, flowed into red-hot anger at the bosses' exploitation of workers' heroic frontline efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The result? Workers walked off . . . |

Fight Back (2022-05-04). New Orleans marchers call for worker and immigrant rights on May Day. fightbacknews.org New Orleans, LA — Community members gathered with activist and immigrant rights organizations at the Benito Juarez monument in New Orleans on May 1, to celebrate International Workers Day. | Speakers from Union Migrante, an immigrant workers' organization, recounted their experiences of discrimination and unequal access to essential public services. They called for solidarity in the spirit of May Day to win full equality for immigrants in the city, regardless of immigration status. | The demonstrators marched to City Hall, taking the street and chanting slogans in Spanish and English, including "Oye! Es…

Rachel Hu, Chris Garaffa (2022-05-04). CovertAction Bulletin Podcast: Julian Assange & the U.S. War on Whistleblowers. covertactionmagazine.com In this special episode of CovertAction Bulletin, we spend the entire hour with former CIA analyst and field agent John Kiriakou. Kiriakou became a whistleblower when he exposed the CIA's official torture program—and then became the only person jailed for it. | We discuss how the ongoing campaign against Julian Assange should inform us about how to view and support the work of other whistleblowers. While Assange remains in prison and under threat of extradition and trial in the U.S., the threat to journalists, publishers and activists continues to grow.

Staff (2022-05-03). US Courts Delay Decision on Alex Saab's Diplomatic Immunity—Saab Remains Imprisoned. orinocotribune.com Monday, May 2, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia, According to a statement from the court of appea…

Anonymous103 (2022-05-03). "New Russian Liberation Army" In Ukraine And War Crimes Of Kiev's Soldiers (Video). southfront.org

splcenter (2022-05-03). Mapping Out Justice: SPLC, ACLU file suit to force fair Mississippi Supreme Court districts. splcenter.org

Leticia Martinez (2022-05-03). Rehabilitation for Prisoners Only. indybay.org Trying to find low-income drug programs in Northern California is nearly impossible unless you go to prison first.

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