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2022-05-31: News Headlines

Ann Brown (2022-05-31). Chicago Pastor: I Raised $12M For Community Youth Center In Chicago But BLM Won't Help Me Get The Rest. moguldom.com A pastor in Chicago has been trying to raise funds to build a community center on the city's troubled South Side and he said he reached out to Black Lives Matter for help in the fundraising but did not get a response. Since November 2021, Chicago pastor Rev. Corey B. Brooks has lived on the …

John Helmer (2022-05-31). The Oligarchs play their cards—that's the loyalty card, the get out of jail free card, the rewards redemption card. mronline.org The Russian regime-change theory motivating U.S. sanctions against the Russian oligarchs is that they will trigger a palace coup in which the oligarchs will arrange a bullet for President Vladimir Putin's head, and in return the U.S. will give them back the keys to their yachts, mansions, and offshore bank accounts.

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