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2022-07-14: News Headlines

Labor Video Project (2022-07-14). WorkWeek Rally Against Billionaire John Fisher's Stadium & Prisoners Strike Over $1 Wage. indybay.org WorkWeek on 7-7-22 covers rally against billionaire John Fisher's stadium & Immigrant prisoners strike over $1 A Day, and rally to top the extradition of journalist Julian Assange on his birthday…

Fidencio Aldama Solidarity Group (2022-07-14). "Never Surrender": Statement from Political Prisoner Fidencio Aldama. indybay.org My name is Fidencio Aldama Pérez. I am part of the Yaqui tribe. I was taught to respect other people, without forgetting something very important: THE STRUGGLE FOR OUR TERRITORY.

Jessica Buxbaum (2022-07-14). As Anti-BDS Bills Become the Norm, ACLU Takes Free Speech Fight to the Supreme Court. towardfreedom.org If certain pro-Israel and pro-fossil fuel advocates get their way, U.S. residents will lose a fundamental right to free speech and protest, reports Jessica Buxbaum.

Staff (2022-07-14). Swedish court sentences Hamid Nouri to life imprisonment. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 14 (MNA) — A Swedish court on Thursday sentenced an Iranian citizen, who has been arrested on bogus charges, to life in prison.

WSWS (2022-07-14). Publisher's lawsuit seeks to take down Internet Archive's digital lending library. wsws.org Four of the largest corporate publishing giants are pursuing a lawsuit against the Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library dedicated to universal access to all knowledge.

Dianne Mathiowetz (2022-07-14). Atlanta marks 40th anniversary of Mumia's incarceration. workers.org Brother Jalil, holding one side of the "Long Distance Revolutionary" movie poster. Credit: IJAN Atlanta To mark the 40th anniversary of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal being sentenced to death, the film "Long Distance Revolutionary" was screened in Atlanta July 3. After decades of political and legal struggle, Mumia's death sentence . . . |

Max Blumenthal (2022-07-13). VIDEO: Germany criminalizes journalist for exposing Ukrainian war crimes. thegrayzone.com Independent Donetsk-based journalist Alina Lipp of Germany details her prosecution by the German state for violating new speech codes through her reporting in the Donetsk People's Republic. As the only German reporter on the ground in Donetsk, Lipp has exposed Ukrainian forces shelling civilians, attacking a maternity ward, mining harbors, and bombing a granary filled with corn for export. She faces three years in prison if she returns to her home country.

Ann Brown (2022-07-13). Mayoral Candidate In Gainesville, Florida, Comes Out For Reparations, Dr. Sandy Darity Responds. moguldom.com The race for the mayoral seat in Gainesville, Florida, is crowned with nine candidates vying to replace Mayor Lauren Poe, who is term-limited. Among those is Gabriel Hillel (also known as Gabriel Hillel Kaimowitz). Hillel, a former civil rights attorney, recently came out for reparations for Black Americans. Hillel is white. Reparations scholar William "Sandy" …

_____ (2022-07-13). Visualizing The Economic Veins That Fuel Our Carceral Reality. popularresistance.org The contemporary US prison system incarcerates people — largely Black, Native, Latinx, disabled, and working-class and poor folks — and hides them from society for years, decades, or lifetimes. This is true across the United States generally and in Massachusetts, specifically. These days, when discussing the case against incarceration and the prison system, there are a few different arguments one tends to hear: (1) the first is that incarceration is immoral and reprehensible in both its conditions and treatment of incarcerated people; (2) a second, appealing to economists and technocratic policymakers…

Staff (2022-07-13). Biden out of Palestine: No to imperialism, Zionism and Arab reactionary regimes Yes to resistance, return and liberation! samidoun.net Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network denounces the visit of United States president Joe Biden to occupied Palestine. This visit and Biden's entire trip to the region makes clear the alliance of enemies confronted by the Palestinian people: Zionism, imperialism and its subcontractors, and Arab reactionary regimes, as well as the Israeli state. Biden's trip to …

Ashley Johnson (2022-07-13). Home Care Workers Protect the Civil Liberties of People with Disabilities. They Need Protection, Too. aclu.org At the onset of the pandemic, as most of the country shuttered themselves inside to avoid COVID-19 infection, home health aides remained on the front lines, taking care of our loved ones and risking their lives in the process. These caregivers — the majority of whom are Black and Brown immigrant women — face considerable risks on the job. | Home care workers help people with disabilities and seniors with intimate and vital tasks like bathing, dressing, and eating, making social distancing impossible. Yet, many states' emergency COVID-19 measures excluded home health aides from their definition of "

Donald Gardner (2022-07-13). Homelessness Is a Policy Choice — And We Can Choose Differently. otherwords.org Much of my adult life has been spent homeless or incarcerated. Now I help homeless people and returning citizens. | I've lived on the streets, been in Hollywood films, owned my own footwear service, rubbed elbows with a Saudi Prince, and even sung for Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago — while in and out of homelessness. I've also been to federal prison and battled substance abuse. | In some ways, I've lived an unusual life. But with

____ (2022-07-13). Xinjiang official slams U.S. suppression. ecns.cn The United States' malicious attempts to suppress China have caused a huge blow to the global photovoltaic industry and there is no so-called forced labor in any enterprise in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, a spokesman for the regional government said.

Brett Wilkins (2022-07-13). Advocates Urge Poland to Drop Charges Against Woman in Abortion Pill Case. commondreams.org "Women human rights defenders should be protected by the law, rather than punished by it," one activist said in defense of Justyna Wydrzyńska, who faces up to three years in prison.

Ann Brown (2022-07-13). LeBron James On Brittney Griner Imprisonment: Does America Have Her Back? 'I Would Be Feeling, Do I Even Want To Go Back?'. moguldom.com Basketball star LeBron James recently debuted a promo for a new season of his TV side hustle— an HBO show called "The Shop." Remarks made about Women's National Basketball Association, player Brittney Griner, imprisoned in Russia after pleading guilty to possessing cannabis, have taken some aback. Cannabis in Russia is illegal. "How can she feel …

Betsey Piette (2022-07-13). Who really profits from 'forced labor'? workers.org W. F. Ramsey prison farm in Brazoria County, Texas, 1965 First signed by President Joe Biden in December, the "Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act" took effect June 23. Under this latest anti-China measure, all goods made in Xinjiang province are banned, unless the importer can demonstrate the imports were produced . . . |

Jamanetwork (2022-07-12). Dual Anti-HIV Antibodies Provide Long-term Viral Suppression. jamanetwork.com Treatment with 2 monoclonal antibodies completely suppressed HIV for about 40 weeks in patients who participated in a small phase 1 trial. The findings, reported in Nature, suggest that future antibody therapies may offer effective HIV treatment for extended periods without antiretroviral therapy (ART).

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