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2022-07-18: News Headlines

Shreya Tewari (2022-07-18). New Records Detail DHS Purchase and Use of Vast Quantities of Cell Phone Location Data. aclu.org Today, the ACLU published thousands of pages of

WSWS (2022-07-18). German court sentences far-right army officer to 5 Ω years imprisonment. wsws.org The court considered it proven that the Bundeswehr officer had planned terrorist attacks on high-ranking politicians and other public figures.

_____ (2022-07-17). 'Jerusalem Declaration': Imperialism, Zionism And Settler Colonialism. popularresistance.org Below are key points identified by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network in responding to the Biden-Lapid Declaration ("The U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration") issued on Thursday, 14 July 2022. While the declaration largely holds nothing new, it once again reveals the joint commitment to imperialism and Zionism that is responsible for the past 75 years of colonization in Palestine. | Imperialism here means more arms, more support and more money for Israel. It means Phantom jets, atomic bomb secrets, and the building of an economy capable of facing the permanent blockade and state of w…

____ (2022-07-17). Iran calls for urgent release of Iranian citizen from UK jail. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 17 (MNA) — While criticizing British government's opposition to return an Iranian citizen imprisoned in UK prison, the Deputy Chief of Iranian Judiciary for International Affairs called for his immediate release.

Ron Ridenour (2022-07-16). Julian: Let's Take a Stand! thiscantbehappening.net Julian Assange is the most important political prisoner in the world today, and we need to act in a myriad of ways to get him freed from the torturers' prisons. As he faces extradition from a supine and accommodating Britain to the waiting assassins in Washington who already stand exposed for plotting to murder … |

A Guest Author (2022-07-16). Biden in Occupied Palestine and the 'Jerusalem Declaration'. workers.org Samidoun Palestine Prisoner Solidarity Network issued this collective statement with co-signers "in struggle and solidarity" July 16. The full list of signers, including Workers World Party and the International Action Center, is at samidoun.net. Organizations can endorse at bit.ly/bidenpalestine. Protesters hounded U.S. President Joe Biden in Palestine, including July 15 . . . |

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