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2022-09-16: News Headlines

Labor Video Project (2022-09-16). Terrorism, Racism & Union Busting Against SEIU1021 SF General Hospital Workers By HR DPH. indybay.org Workers and SEIU 1021 SF General Hospital union leaders reported on the epidemic of bullying, racist discrimination and union busting by DPH and CCSF HR. The City has spent over $100 million on paying for illegal discrimination, defendant lawyers and City lawyers to defend illegal racist attacks and systemic racism.

WSWS (2022-09-16). Palmer: A man just out of prison reenters society. wsws.org Nuanced performances grace this composed and patient film, a relative rarity in present-day cinema.

Center for Biological Diversity (2022-09-16). Lawsuit Aims to Protect West Coast Fisher. indybay.org Rare Forest Carnivore Threatened by Logging, Climate Change, Poison…

Lee Siu Hin (2022-09-16). Fall 2022 National Immigrant Solidarity Network Immigrant Justice News Alert! indybay.org U.S. Political Prisoners Special Report: We Have Hundreds of Political Prisoners, Thousands of Asian-American Hate Victims, Half Million Child Farm Labors!

Lynda Carson (2022-09-16). Governor Gruesom Newsom Signs SB 1388 Attacking The Unhoused. indybay.org John George Psychiatric Hospital & Santa Rita Jail Are Condemned By Findings Of The DOJ:…

Kit Klarenberg (2022-09-15). Crown prosecutor levels blackmail charges against Palestine Action. electronicintifada.net Activists facing court in October could spend years in prison but remain undeterred.

WSWS (2022-09-15). A sordid fight over money between Black Lives Matter factions. wsws.org The sordid squabbling over cash exposes the venal and reactionary character of the purveyors of racial politics, and the hostility of these privileged social layers to the working class.

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