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2022-09-25: News Headlines

Staff (2022-09-24). Our decision is freedom:newsauthor">S of 30 Palestinian prisoners to launch hunger strike 25 September. samidoun.net Thirty Palestinian prisoners jailed without charge or trial under administrative detention have announced that they will launch an open hunger strike to bring an end to the practice on Sunday, 25 September. In a statement by the Prison Branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the prisoners going on hunger strike under …

Julia Conley (2022-09-24). Federal Judge Allows 'Untenable' Plan to Send Juvenile Inmates to Angola Prison. commondreams.org "The move defies all common sense and best practices, and it will cause irrevocable damage to our youth and families," said one children's advocate.

A Guest Author (2022-09-24). Pennsylvania DOC reclassifies Latinx incarcerated workers as 'white'. workers.org By Bryant Arroyo and Betsey Piette In late August, environmental justice advocate and Puerto Rican political prisoner Bryant Arroyo was notified that the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Pennsylvania Justice Network, arbitrarily and without prior notice, changed his Hispanic/Latino race classification to "white." The misnamed "Justice" Network is . . . |

Margie Mason, Robin McDowell (2022-09-23). Prison labor helped build U.S. capitalists' business empires. peoplesworld.org More than 1 years ago, a prison complex known as the Lone Rock stockade operated at one of the biggest coal mines in Tennessee. It was powered largely by African American men who had been arrested for minor offenses—like stealing a hog—if they committed any crime at all. Women and children, some as young as …

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