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2024-05-10: News Headlines

John Zangas, DCMediaGroup. (2024-05-10). DC Police Raid George Washington University Student Gaza Campus. popularresistance.org Washington, DC – The student led Gaza solidarity protest at George Washington University Yard was raided in the predawn hours of Wednesday, May 8. Police arrested 31 and charged them with unlawful entry while four were additionally charged with assault of a police officer. All those arrested were released by the early afternoon of the same day. Jail supporters waited for each student's release and provided emotional support, food, drink, and comfort to them once they were released. Nearly all those arrested were students and none of those arrested were reported as being "outside agitators" as the University Admin…

Jeffrey St. Clair (2024-05-10). Medicide in Gaza: the Killing of Dr. Adnan al-Bursh. counterpunch.org Adnan Al-Bursh was intelligent, humane, and committed. He could speak multiple languages. He saw and could explain the ravages of the occupation and the horrors of the war. He was exactly the kind of person, like the still imprisoned Marwan Barghouti, Israel has always feared might become a leader of the Palestinian people. For that reason, he was also exactly the kind of person Israel has been targeting for elimination under the cover of its bombardment and invasion of Gaza.

Hugo GABBERO (2024-05-10). Azerbaijan: Arbitrary detention of Anar Mammadli. fidh.org In a context of increasing crackdown on civil society in Azerbaijan, more than 30 organisations including OMCT and FIDH in the framework of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders call for the immediate release of Anar Mammadli and urge the authorities of Azerbaijan to end reprisals against human rights defenders in the country.
We, the undersigned human rights organisations, condemn in strongest possible terms the Azerbaijani authorities' detention of Anar Mammadli, (…) | – |

(2024-05-10). Iranian economic reporter begins 5-year prison sentence after lengthy pre-trial detention. hra-news.org

(2024-05-10). Turkish court sentences 5 journalists from shuttered newspaper to prison. expressioninterrupted.com

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