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2021-08-27: News Headlines

Editor (2021-08-27). AJC is panicked by United Church of Christ's solidarity with Palestinians under settler-colonialism. mronline.org The United Church of Christ resolution calling Israel's continued "oppression" of Palestinians a "sin" has alarmed the American Jewish Committee and for good reason: Other Protestant churches are sure to follow, with measures that pose a real threat to apartheid.

WSWS (2021-08-27). Man brings civil lawsuit against Louisiana State Police after brutal assault by officers. wsws.org Newly released body camera footage shows a trooper strike Aaron Bowman in the head 18 times with a police issue flashlight while other officers held him down during a traffic stop in 2019.

Free Sean Swain (2021-08-27). Call for Support: Sean Swain Denied Parole. itsgoingdown.org Update on anarchist prisoner Sean Swain's fight for parole after 30 years inside. To read more about Sean and his case, go here. This past Wednesday, the Ohio Parole Board denied parole to Sean Swain on the basis of lies and political targeting perpetuated by Trevor Matthew Clark, former ODRC Counsel. Read Sean's account of…

Staff (2021-08-26). Ilhan Omar Urges Pardon for Daniel Hale, Who Leaked Air Force's Drone Program. truthout.org Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) is calling on President Joe Biden to pardon Daniel Hale, a former Air Force analyst who was sentenced to prison last month after pleading guilty to espionage. | In her letter, sent to the White House

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